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Transhumanism = Scientific current trying to improve Man's Intelligence, and Happiness.

Quinta-feira, 25 de Fevereiro de 2010

Rui Barbosa, PhD (U. Grenoble, France), Founder of the First Humanity+ Portuguese Chapter,


I launched a debate on “What do you think that Transhumanism will succeed to do in the Future?”, in the professional network LikedIn (1).


One of the subjects that arose was Life Extension.

James Clement, Board Member at Alcor Life Extension Foundation:

-   Life Extension will not happen in the emptiness. The technological progress will solve all the problems that it arises. There are equally studies made by Leonid Gravrilov, a Demographer, who showed that, even with an extreme life extension, the world’s population would reach a maximum of 9 billions, starting, afterwards, decreasing. Cancer, Cardiovascular Disease, Alzheimer Disease, and so… are mainly diseases of old people, not of young one; these do not get Cancer, Cardiac Disease, or Alzheimer because their immune systems, stem cells, and other mechanisms of repairing, are with full force. All of them will probably be cured only as a result of the defeat of Aging.



The Futurologist Ray Kurzweil explained in the Boston Globe (2)(3) that those who have 56 years or less could expect to live almost perpetually if they preserved themselves in good health in the next 20 years. Until then, Biotechnologies, Nano technologies, and Robotics, would allow to replace every deficient part in the human body…

The geneticist Aubrey de Grey (4), of Cambridge, explains how to do it, and he is managing a project (“SENSE”) that details the different procedures that would allow us to live more or less 1.000 years; those procedures being presently tested on rats.


Minsky (5) explains that, whatever skill we will put in Health Care or Medical Engineering, it will never be possible to overpass the consumption of the biological organisms… And, therefore, that it will not be possible to get immortality by this method; he also points out that “we will always find ways to replace all parts of the Body and of the Brain” by non biodegradable artificial elements.

Minsky, when he says that we will be able to replace totally our body by an artificial one, i. e., to remain ourselves even with a totally different body, accepts, implicitly, the existence of the Soul (even if, contradictorily, he annoys himself with the concept of Soul…); our soul would therefore animate another body, a materially immortal one.


The most important question that arises is the catholic assertion that (6) "Man does not have full right to make use of its own biological nature". In particular, no one could assure the material immortality because, as we know, Catholicism says that it is always to God to give the last word…

For you not to be disappointed, let us cite Cardinal Ratzinger, today Pope: “In the Catholic Theology (7), was stated the question of what Resurrection is and of its relation with Time…

Each death is an entrance in the totally other, in what is not time, but is eternity. The Eternity does not come after the time…, it is the other side of the secular being, already present today. Each death is a death for (entering) the eternity, for the ‘end of times’, in the total ‘eschaton’, for the resurrection and the total accomplishment already present… The true point of relation with Immortality is not in the time that will come, but in the Lord who lives…”.


Totality of my chronicles: Humanity+ Portugal.


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(5) Michio Kaku, a known Scientist who interviewed some of the most important scientists of the World, among them 15 Nobel Prizes; “Visions - How Science will Revolutionize the XXI Century”; Ed. Bizâncio.

(6) Declaration of Vatican in 2002 “Communion and Service: Human Persons Created at the image of God”

(7) “Creed for Today – In What the Christians Believe”; Cardinal Ratzinger – Bento XVI; p. 165 – 186)

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