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Terça-feira, 13 de Outubro de 2009

Rui Barbosa, PhD (U. Grenoble, France), Founder of the First Humanity+ Portuguese Chapter,


It is called “Mind Uploading” (1).

Admitting that we come to produce “living” and “evolving” humanoids, we should become able to transfer the content of our brain to the one of one of those humanoids, in way that its brain behaves practically in a way not distinguishable from ours (1)…

That such only become possible much after 2100 when the total knowledge of the Human Brain (2) would be obtained, because, naturally, it will be necessary to know this one to make a copy of it to which we could transfer the cited content…

What would be the advantage?

Let us see some questions made to me about this topic.

- A future chip that would mirror the individual brain (and also the Conscience) and that added objective knowledge, will be capable to differentiate and finally to judge and to take both the subjective and the objective parts in consideration, in order to define and to follow a goal?

- The possibility of an objective knowledge of the conscience of ourselves is a real problem that seems at first sight not totally soluble as I already said in a previous chronicle: Somebody will be capable to observe the effect and not the source of the conscience of itself in someone else (Klaus Hepp, ETH Zurich); by definition, only its owner would be able to know totally its conscience of itself but even this would be an infinite process… This problem also appeared before in History, with Psychology: It was thought that the psyche of a given individual could be solely at the reach of that individual; later, Experimental Psychology was invented and now we know so much on Human Psychology! Even with Experimental Psychology, we cannot reach the totality of the psyche of an individual (remember Wittgenstein who said that there are many things that cannot be verbalized…).

Really, if we became capable to make “live” and “evolving” artificial humanoids and such beings evolved until becoming conscientious, I do not see any reason why they could not acquire, as in the case of the Natural Evolution, the conscience of themselves…

- It will be also possible to join and to mix the consciences and knowledge of others?

- I do not think that this should be the goal: Following our current way to organize information (see Internet), the best solution would be to have, in each one, access to the information of the others; not the concentration of all the information in all; since the relevance and the dynamics of the information depend on who is going to use it.

- What would happen when practically all the decisions were taken by computers but were the men the responsible ones?

- The same that in a company in which men use the computers; the level is different: A decision concerning going or not to the Skopije Festival of the Arts, is one of a human being, a decision concerning the best flight to get would be that of a computer (not far from becoming possible, but also only possible for people who dominate the functioning of the computers, the criteria that the computer uses to decide, and so …); all is a question of decision levels.

- A computer cannot be accused nor punished… what would mean then the morality? And the individuality? This takes us to the Soul ...

- I think that the computers have a material morality (without Soul); the punishment being its reprogramming (3). The human being will have to supervise the Humanoids, since the communication with God must impose itself to the ethics of the machines. If we will be able to build “living” humanoids and be able to transfer the knowledge of our Brain (for instance of a Rescuer Fireman) to their Brain, we will be able to transfer to those humanoids excessively demanding tasks (in the example, in Rescue).

Moreover, it should be possible to put our brains communicating with their brains without the need of verbal communication (written, or another one of this type…) (4).

In the next chronicle, we will approach the subject: should we replace deficient parts of the Body by technological devices?


Totality of my chronicles: Transhumanismo Portugal 



(1) Article of Wikipedia

(2) For Edelman, Nobel Prize of Medicine, each brain is a different brain and would be necessary 32 million years to a human being to read all the cerebral connections…


(4) Brain-Computer Interface


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