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Transhumanism = Scientific current trying to improve Man's Intelligence, and Happiness.

Segunda-feira, 21 de Julho de 2014
Rui Barbosa, PhD (U. Grenoble, France), Founder of the First Humanity+ Portuguese Chapter,
According to (1), in 100 thousand to Millions of Years, the energy that the Humanity will need could be gotten from the Milky Way. We will enter then in a Civilization of type 3, i. e. which catches its energy, not only from its planet, but also from its star (the Sun, in our case) and its galaxy.

We already explained it in our chronicle “Planet…” (2).


The main problem to get to this civilization will be the difficulty to make interstellar travels; these will only become possible if the ships will be able to reach a considerable fraction of the speed of the light.


The exploration of the distant stellar systems could, then, be made by self replicant robotic plants. These plants would land in moons of the planets of these stellar systems to observe the planets; giving “children” plants which should go on travelling through Space… like that it should be possible to explore millions of systems.


The End of the World… will be when?

According to the paleontological forecast of Teillard de Chardin (3), the End of the World could be in Millions of years; according to the forecasts of Astronomy (4), in approximately 7 billions of years.

About the end of the life on Earth due to the extinction of the Sun, someone asked me:


- The Earth (perhaps the whole Universe) had always generated a way (during billions...of centuries) how make human life possible. Couldn't the sun be replaced in another billion...

- As I explained to you, I don’t agree with your idea that the Earth makes something by itself: their must be a being making the rules that govern that Earth. We cannot wait for God to change those same rules in our benefit (see the Catastrophes and specifically the Lisbon Earthquake killing millions of people praying in churches); instead we must use all our scientific capacities given to us, to make better than now and escape the predicted sun’s extinction (only miracles change the Nature’s way and only God decides about them).


- What  about the extinction of the sun which is not a man made violation? Whom will God punish when he will have extinguished his own creatures?

-   You touch maybe the more important argument for Transhumanism: it would have no sense that God creates us for extinction! Then let’s do the best to escape it with the resources He gave to us! And those resources, as far as I know, are the Transhumanist Technologies.


- The Transhumanism will not have any risks?

- Many, but of the same kind of the genetically modified organisms. They are not comparable with the ones of not developing itself


- How do you know? My strong impression is that the euphoria concerning the new technological challenges makes the transhumanists blind for the necessary social matters and implications that are behind

- I am not of all euphoric, nor in this nor in other matters. Instead, I am realistic in relation to the alternative scene: the course of the Nature as if presents today will lead to more suffering because of the Illness, the Catastrophes and, worse than everything, the eventuality of Extinction; as we got enough knowledge in the XX century (that require social explanation, which, in my field, I am doing), and, in condition that it is preceded of one democratic debate and of the consultation of ethics commissions, we would have to develop our capacities and power on the Nature and to use them to oppose these evils


- Is the critics/control possible?

- Possible and indispensable, as I explained previously


- Although Michio Kaku is very optimistic in relation to the accomplishment of the Transhumanism in practical in its different aspects, he admits that the forecast of future events will never be probably possible because of the fact that the principle of causality – the order cause-effect – not being susceptible to be reverted

- For me it is clear, in contrast to important transhumanists, that to try to substitute God is impossible. Whatever the vision that one has of the Reality (God or the Universe as the origin of everything) it is evident that Man has limitations of knowledge on what involves it and its proper nature; therefore, it should never venture to change what it does not know… This coincides with the criticism made by some Christian movements and others.


To finish, in the End of Times, Christ promised that all enemies, the last one being Death, will be defeated. When will that be? The Father, only, knows. Till then, let's go on travelling in the Galaxies...


(1) Michio Kaku, known Scientist who met many of his top colleagues of the World, among them 15 Nobel Prizes

(2) Humanity+ Portugal;

(3) “Human Phenomenon”; Teillard de Chardin; Ed. Paulus

(4) “Super Interesting” magazine; August 2008

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