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Terça-feira, 15 de Junho de 2010

Rui Barbosa, PhD (U. Grenoble, France), Founder of the First Humanity+ Portuguese Chapter,


Kardashev, Russian Scientist, and Dyson, Nobel Prize (1), classified the eventually existing Civilizations in all the Cosmos in 3 types according to their sources of energy:

1. Planetary civilizations: They would be those that would take off its energy only from the natural resources of the respective planets

2. Stellar civilizations: would be those that would get the respective energies from their respective stars

3. Galactic civilizations would be the ones that would get their energy from the respective galaxies.


We, Terrestrial, didn’t yet explore totally the energy of our Planet, thus didn’t arrived, even, at a Planetary Civilization.

In hundreds of years, however, we will be able to ascend to such civilization.

This Civilization must have the capacity to modify the Climate, and that will be a tool of prevention of many of the deadliest catastrophes that we confront (Storms currently continue to cause devastation in many countries; the destruction verified in 2009 followed three particularly hard seasons of storms and floods in 2008, 2007 and 2006 that left behind them many poor people, making inhuman efforts for recovering them… China, Cambodia and Vietnam suffered thousand of deaths due to floods… Nicaragua and Venezuela suffered, also, terrible floods. Generations of human effort and billions of dollars are lost every year…

What is the solution?


The problem is that the Climate is a highly chaotic system and that we don’t know if some time it will be possible to foresee it; therefore, it will be necessary, in parallel, to try to modify it. There are already some technologies, in the area of Hurricanes, Severe Thunderstorms and Tornados (2); determined substances have been sown in clouds to hinder that the tornados occur (3) and we heard about the operations made in Beijing to prevent them, during certain tests of the Olympic Games…

A Planetary Civilization, beyond the possibility to modify the Climate, will be able to bring (1):

- A computer revolution with a net of global telecommunications and, consequently, an economic net

- A biomolecular revolution with the knowledge necessary to cure illnesses and to feed the population;

- A quanta revolution with the motor force and the necessary materials for such.

But… The Humanity will still remain vulnerable to the astronomical and environmental catastrophes. It “will be able to send very small exploratory groups to the planets and until the next stars, but the sustainability of such colonies will expend its resources quickly… One such civilization will be based on a planetary system of communication, culture and economy… The divisions and scars that afflict a civilization as ours will be vanished” (let us wait and hope…).

Such Civilization, although desirable, will have however to face some dangers: “The transition of our civilization for the Planetarization is the most dangerous of all transitions: glacier ages, impacts of cosmic objects, supernova explosions, and environmental disasters as the Greenhouse Effect, the mass extinction of other species, a nuclear war, the social, economical and political fractures, and the genetic homogenization (that could stop Evolution). Many could be the potential causes of such dangers: the Cosmos, the Chemical Industry, the Uranium, the Social Disorder and the space Compression of the Humanity; its dissemination through all the Planet could cause the Human Evolution to stop, since it only processes itself having surrounding wastelands not populated; a solution would be the Humanity to interfere in its respective genome.”.


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(1) Michio Kaku, known Scientist who met some of his top colleagues of the World, among them 15 Nobel Prizes; “Visions – How Science will Revolutionize the XXI Century”

(2) Greg's Weather Center;

(3) Ernani de Lima; School of Meteorology, U. Oklahoma;


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