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Transhumanism = Scientific current trying to improve Man's Intelligence, and Happiness.

Terça-feira, 2 de Fevereiro de 2010

Rui Barbosa, PhD (U. Grenoble, France), Founder of the First Humanity+ Portuguese Chapter,


Based on an article of “Science et Vie”, “Science at the Door of the Impossible” (1), I’m going to analyze the possibility of repairing organs that fail, thus extending Youth. Especially because “the first person who could live 1000 years could already be among us (2)”…

We already saw that Science has unimaginable possibilities, and also limits.


Contrarily to the perspective of the Body as something that irreversibly goes degrading, nowadays it is believed that the Body is repairable…

Which are the pillars of Aging?

- The accumulation of the free “radicals” that we already know how to fight from the Health magazines like ingesting anti-oxidants like fruits, wine, vegetables, and so…;

- The loss of cells;

- The mutations of the genes.


The most important point focused in “Science et Vie” is the fact that the method of retardation of Aging is moving from the nowadays one consisting in the treatments presently proposed by the Pharmacies and the Clinics, to the maintenance of the Body, as we do with cars.


How should be done such maintenance?

In condition it will overpass the present necessity to destruct embryos, that maintenance should proceed through the regeneration of tissues and organs that fail using embryonic undifferentiated cells, a process invented by James Thomson of the Wisconsin-Madison University (1).

In November 2007, Yamanaka created from a skin cell an undifferentiated one: He reprogrammed the respective genes in order to make the cell to come back behind in time to the state of undifferentiated, and then to develop itself to differentiated cells of several types.

It is planed to make, soon, clinical tests of embryonic undifferentiated cells in people with cardiac insufficiency or spinal paralysis…

Another method of Life Extension is Body Freezing.


I launched a debate on “What do you expect from Transhumanism to succeed in the future?”, in the professional network LikedIn (3). One of the subjects that came to debate was that of freezing bodies.

Shannon Vyff, Independent Writing and Editing Professional said the following:

- You do not need to be a millionaire to be signed up with a cryonics company - it takes $28,000 (through Cryonics Institute) out of your life insurance to preserv your whole body.

I've covered my views elsewhere on the need to participate in social action while also supporting extreme life extension - but I'm not a person who would choose my own immortality over ending suffering. What are your thoughts then on what Transhumanism will accomplish Rui - as you seem to be questioning others, started this topic and have not yet laid out your own ideas on the subject?

- What should be the priority between the quest for Life Extension for some, and the cure of the Cancer for many more? I prefer this one because it would not be pleasant to live artificially more time with the weight in the Conscience of the suffering of the others… and because, all the way, we are already living in Eternal Life...

In more general terms, we should use 3 sources of knowledge: Conscience, Science, and Religion; by this order, which is that of their descendent respective evolutionary ages. I do not see any justification to give a relative importance to Science greater than that which derives from its relative age.

The best attitude it is to be cautious with the announcements of the successes of the new technologies, and to weight them with the diverse available sources of knowledge; because we saw what happened to many people, for example with the Nuclear…  It became possible, somebody materialized it, and somebody else killed much people with it…

The social interest must include the personal well-being…

There are still topics to approach about Life Extension, and we will do it our next chronicle.


Totality of my chronicles: Transhumanismo Portugal.



(1) Best magazine of the Year in France; Number 1103, August of 2009

(2) Aubrey de Grey, SENSE Project

(3) H+ Community; Social professional network LinkedIn;*2_1%2Eand_37645_10499040_1259847148160_1




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