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Transhumanism = Scientific current trying to improve Man's Intelligence, and Happiness.

Segunda-feira, 12 de Outubro de 2009

Rui Barbosa, PhD (U. Grenoble, France), Founder of the First Humanity+ Portuguese Chapter,


Minsky (1) (as already said, Materialist and great Visionary), when fighting for another humanity, considers that we should go beyond our enormous material limitations of intelligence (which could exempt us of the need to do many attempts, with the consequent failures, through which we evolve… since it would allow us to better understand the reality encircling ourselves…).

Minsky says that such limitations could be explained by:

- Insufficiency of education,

- The use of only one part of our brains, and the

- Lack of time necessary to learn more, what could only be satisfied with a bigger longevity…

Although Christian de Duve has said that the current size of the Brain could not yet be the definitive one, Minsky says that “the Brain, as the other finite things, will have forcibly to have limits of what it can learn, limits that we do not know; perhaps, if we had more longevity, our brains could remain learning for centuries; however we will have to increase the capacity of our brains to become effectively wiser…”.

The solution would be to build artificial brains. How (2)?

“One day could become practicable to build the Memory in a so small device as a pea, using the Nanotechnology… ½ minute could seem to those brains so long as one year for us, and one hour as long as the entire life of a human being…”.

“Many thinkers keep firmly that the machines never will have thoughts as ours, because whatever the way of construction of the artificial brains, these will always lack some vital ingredient, which one calls different names - Sensitivity, Conscience, Spirit, or Soul ".

Effectively, as we said in our last chronicle, the artificial intelligence derived from an artificial evolution producing humanoid “living” creatures would be essentially different of the human one, since the human body is animated by the Soul that is granted by God exclusively to Man. Among other characteristics, the Soul is capable to communicate with God.

While the Artificial Intelligence of one autonomous humanoid is not, and it will not be able to cease of being, more than the result of the functioning of an artificial body (as a touch of a mobile phone is), without communication with God, the Human Intelligence being, by the fact of being able to communicate with God, uses very different strategies of understanding the Reality; it is capable, namely, to distinguish the thoughts that come from God of those that come from the Devil or from its own instinct (3).

One “living” humanoid, even if it could receive indirectly (through human beings), thoughts from God, could not by its own distinguish between them and its own “instinct”… this is an exclusive quality of the Human Soul. Such humanoid would understand the Reality in na indiscriminate way in terms of these thoughts, i. e., it would give the same importance to ones and to the others, what immediately remembers the robot of the film “I Robot”… (that evolved partially out of the human control and that, at a given moment, found that it would be good to kill its own designer… for reasons, as much as I remember, theologically incorrect).

It is of those cold machines that, namely through Literature and Cinema, the Humanity is afraid of…. Therefore, the Human Intelligence is better than the Artificial one. And it is necessary to denounce the confusion abundantly divulged by scientists who defend something that is not of the domain of Science but of the one of the Religion… The ones that defend the “superiority” of Artificial Intelligence in relation to the Human are speaking about the biggest material power of Artificial Intelligence, since this is capable to execute an incomparably bigger number of operations in a given period of time. Such happened, effectively, when the computer Deep Blue defeated the World-wide Champion of Chess… But this power was used indiscriminately in the sense we referred behind…

Instead of becoming ourselves automatic, we should use live humanoids.

In 15 days, we will speak of the transfer of content of a human brain to the brain of an “alive” Humanoid……


Totality of my chronicles: Transhumanismo Portugal



(1) (2) “Artificial Minds” of Franklin, Stan; (3) “What it is the Soul? ”; Pierre Dumoulin; Ed. Paulus

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