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Domingo, 28 de Dezembro de 2014

Beja Santos, Personalidade Histórica Portuguesa de Direitos do Consmidor


Hiper-empire, hiper-democracy
Ther’s no exageration in saying that Jacques Attali is an intellectual who in no circumstance can be ignored. State Council member of Mitterrand during 10 years, founder of Eureka (European program dedicated to the new technologies, responsible for the creation, among others, of the MP3), of PlaNet France (microcredit association intending to fight the extreme poverty), nominated by Sarkozy to preside a commission that studied the obstacles to the growth of France, is detainer of a very very vaste workmanship, going from essay to romance.
“Brief History of the Future, the incredible history of the next fifty years”, is an essay of obligatory reading (Jacques Attali, Publications Dom Quixote, Portugal, 2007). What is its starting point for this futurable adventure? The forces of the market assumed the leadership of the planet, the money seems to sweep everything in front of it, it can even threaten the States, to become the only law of the world. If thus happens, the market will give origin to the hiper-empire, creator of extreme richness and misery, the nature will be mortgaged, everything will be privatized. In the hiper-empire one will be fallen in a succession of regressive barbarities, in a conflict between States. Attali calls this war hiper-conflit. If the globalization could be contained and reoriented, if the market could be circumscribed without being abolished, then will appear a new horizon of freedom, dignity and overcoming and respect for the other: the hiper-democracy, that will lead to the formation of a democratic world-wide government, capable to receive and to put in movement the fantastic potentialities of the future technologies. Attali writes: “I believe that the hiper-democracy can win, superior form of organization of the humanity, last expression of the engine of history: the freedom”.

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