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Transhumanism = Scientific current trying to improve Man's Intelligence, and Happiness.

Quinta-feira, 19 de Junho de 2008
Rui Barbosa, PhD (U. Grenoble, France), Founder of the First Humanity+ Portuguese Chapter,



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God Father, instead of the old beard man who only intended something from Man, is a “blow" who is present in the World, distinct from it, and loves His creation. Acording to François Varillon, is ONLY LOVE.


We, Men and other sensible beings, suffer with frequency; and some of us feel, also, the frustration of being limited to the Planet... Although we are able to accept this suffering and this frustration with patience, we must not surrender, not using nor inventing means to try to eradicate them as much as possible… 


Teillard de Chardin: "Each thing, for what makes itself more itself, dives its roots in a past which is increasingly more distant”. “There is less and less a safe barrier between the non-living proteins and the alive protoplasma, at the level of the big molecular aggregates”. According to António Coutinho, all the forms of life on Earth had their unique origin 3,5 billion years ago, and Life didn't arise again from the beginning because the beings went on coming out from the existent beings, incorporated in a common history of Evolution... Self-concept was the point were Life, for the first time, bended into itself…perhaps the most important point of its History… 


Man sprouted of the Animal Kingdom 6,3 million years, more or less, ago; he is therefore "held on" to the Tree of Life … In contrast of what many people think, the other animals present: Use of utensils, Reason, Language, Taboo of incest, Politics, Moral (sense of the Good and the Evil), Creativity, Capacity to control pulses, Feeling of the existence of a superior being (2)…There are, however many differences between them: Man has a larger capacity to Reflect, the capacity to, after having palnned something, deciding not to execute it (very recently located in a specific zone of the Brain), the condition of living closed in his culture while the other animals are stick to Earth, and the sense of the development of his species through History.Although the greatest quantitative difference between Man and the other animals respects the rational spirit, the first qualitative differences between them seem to be the fact that Man buries his dead, and considers himself a sacred reality. Also, last but not the least!, according to Religion, Man receives from Evolution his body as all the other animals, and from God, at the moment of his generation, a Soul which is spiritual in the sense of immaterial source of Life ("Life" in the Christian sense).


We believe that the most important sources of Material Suffering are (1) Illness, Hunger and War all due mainly to bad government, (2) Bad Physical Environment caused by the monstrous urban accumulations (3) Economic Inefficiency in spite of the vertige of the Market (4) Boring Work, namely in mass production, (5) Impossible dangerous or inefficient work, (6) Death(7) Catastrophes: we know what we have suffered due to this periodic cosmic reorganization, (8) The Extinction of the Sun, for which there is only a solution: to emigrate to the systems of other stars and other galaxies. Informatics Artificial Life will be indispensable to attack this suffering and frustration… as deducible from the work of Michio Kaku, one of the biggest world-wide scientific experts, who interviewed during one decade 150 Scientists from the best of the World, among them 15 Nobel Prizes...

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