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Transhumanism = Scientific current trying to improve Man's Intelligence, and Happiness.

Terça-feira, 19 de Maio de 2009

Rui Barbosa, PhD (U. Grenoble, France), Founder of the First Humanity+ Portuguese Chapter,


Pursuing our dialogue of the precedent chronicles with Cornelia Holsten from Germany, she asked:


-   Considering these questions I should rather become desperate and contest the existence of God: There is a contradiction for me: I do not deny there is a creator of men and nature generally ("source") but how can this creator leave us alone when we had badly needed his care? I know there is no answer.


-   No, there is a positive answer: we are never alone; even the most bad persons. As I told, the grace of God is always and forever inside all men; they can accept it or refuse it and then they pay the consequences because God doesn’t change the laws of Nature because of Man. When the ancients said that some catastrophes were punishments of God, in fact they were speaking of a violation of the laws of Nature; and then we should ask ourselves: should God, the Creator, change the laws of everything to satisfy His limited creatures? I know by my own experience that often the path of God is different from my own path, and my path lead often to bad directions meanwhile the God’s would lead to a good one. We can see it in social polemics, for instance Abortion: considered as absolutely inocuous and desirable by materialists, Humankind has been discovering its evils like psychological disturbances and so…and we can see it in the Market Crisis; the Pope told, before the Iraqi War, that those making it would suffer from it: that’s it


-   Supposing that Transhumanism got one day to eradicate suffering: what would then motivate God to continue his evolution plan? Or Evolution would cease to be useful? The transhumanists will adopt finally the role of God in what respects the permanent improvement of the material parts of the human beings?


-   Transhumanism is a group of philosophies that defends the ethical application of technology to the universe in general, namely to the Evolution Tree (not only in what concerns humans but also the other non-human beings …). Humanity, among the created beings, is at the top of Evolution, which means, for Teillard de Chardin (1), one of the best Palaeontologists of ever, at the point of the Conscience vector, which, on its turn, means, for Teillard, of the Self-conscientiousness. The Universe is bending itself in the increasing Self-conscientiousness of Humankind tending to an omega point which will combine, at the end of the World, the individual consciences, self-conscientiousness’s included.          


Suffering and Impotence in relation to Cosmos are the most critical aspects of the material human condition; therefore, Transhumanism wants to heal them as much as it is convenient … and possible. The role of the Transhumanists being analogous to that of the Ecologists, meaning a proposal for the Society to debate and the Politicians to adopt or not, considering that it is the function of the Politicians to govern … the Polis. 


As we saw (1) there is a Primordial Evil whose cause Science doesn’t know and that Church calls Original Sin; it can flow (2) to “a void in the non loved person with a consequent feeling of guilt (not to be worthy of the love of the other person). Such feeling being susceptible of leading to the discovery in himself of the reasons of that un-love converting itself in a healthy capture of control on his own destiny, or in a dreamed up power of control on his own life with a consequent hate to himself”. Remedy: “We have to see what we do one another and try to be sincere with ourselves.” This evil, if non solved by those who caused it, can be relieved by those who suffer it by demanding more Democracy (which would diminish Disease, Hunger, War), better Environment, more Economical Efficiency and less Mass Production Work until 2020. Another evil, Work, could be considerably relieved until much after 2100. In what concerns the other evils, 


-  Tentative and Error


-  Disease and Death


-  Loneliness and Anguish


Will it be possible that we cease suffering from them? We will write about it in the next chronicles, starting.


Totality of my chronicles: Transhumanismo Portugal





(2) Arno Gruen, Psychoanalyst; Conference in ISPA, Lisbon, Portugal; António Carvalho, Newspaper Diário de Notícias of 8/12/1997




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