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Transhumanism = Scientific current trying to improve Man's Intelligence, and Happiness.

Quarta-feira, 22 de Abril de 2009

Rui Barbosa*

Being God who makes everything, including Evil, could Man, through the Transhumanist current (1), touch it in order to diminish Suffering and the Impotence relatively to Cosmos? We will approach this subject in successive chronicles: We will start by answering many questions asked by Cornelia Holsten from Germany; she said:
-I think that the transhumanist development needs, from the part of its authors, stable characters with clear opinions about ethic and democratic standards that respect the dignity of mankind and resist to any experiments that could distort nature. Religion might be a good tool to support these parameters.
-I think the only realistic one. The alternative view (materialistic) would lead us to make the materially best possible for ourselves, transhumanists, and survive the best, against God, our souls and eternal life!
- Is God good?
- As creator of everything, God must be good, otherwise what would be?
- You say God loves all men, he is good - what/who would be otherwise?
- I can’t imagine that the Well could be against the Creator of everything: a well at the human taste? Better not … The notion of God as the first being points immediately to our essential impotence to understand Him totally.
- I suppose that you suppose: Since God created all beings he must love them.
- It is not an assumption, but a deduction from the notion of God, which was confirmed by Christ (before, God was considered as the Creator asking Men something, Creator that Men feared).
- Consequently: loving them means helping/caring/sheltering ...
- God is naturally responsible for all His Creation with all these nuances you tell but interpreted in His way...
- This is very vague ... and might be used as an excuse (in God's name) for everything which can't be explained.
- Naturally God loves in His (and not our) way and there are 2 ways to understand it: the subjective and the objective; the objective is through His revelation, not as an extrapolation of human love. Christ told how much He loves us: “If the Father of Heaven loves so much the birds in the sky … and the lilies in the fields which have the most beautiful dresses, how couldn’t He love you?”
- Some questions referring to that: - creating them, does it also mean God is responsible for them? Or: once created men are responsible for all their deeds? No need for God anymore? No help ... anymore?
- God is responsible for Man namely, and wants Man free to a certain extent.
 - To which extent are men/is God responsible?
- God is a presence inside every men, that Man can “listen” or refuse to: this is the freedom of Man.
- Why are most new-born children already disadvantaged?
- From the point of view of God, they are not disadvantaged, they are in advantage in His overall project; they are like that due to Nature which has its laws and probably to some primordial evil that I’ll focus later.
- Why did God create also bad characters and ill-minded men?
- There are several types of Evil (2), besides the referred Primordial one and that of the Necessity of working (this one focused in my previous chronicles); they are:
-         The Necessity of evolving by Tentative and errors
-         The evil of Decomposition namely death, and
-         The evil of Loneliness and anguish.  
Being the Necessity of working, Tentative and errors and Decomposition explained by Teillard de Chardin as tools for the Evolution; these types of evil are considered as necessary to the evolution of the World, namely Mankind.
- For the disadvantaged individual it is no comfort at all to know he is necessary as a tool while others are favoured.What evidence does he have to know there is an evolutionary plan behind which might be only 'effective' when hehas been dead for decades or even centuries? Why should he believe and trust in God?.
Reader! The size of my chronicle is becoming close to what was arranged, therefore we will have to pursue in the next chronicle … Until then …
Totality of my chronicles: World Transhumanist Association – Portuguese Chapter (
*PhD in Engineering (U. Grenoble, France), Reseracher in Informatics Artificial Life for more than 30 years,
(1) Internet:
(2) “The Human Phenomenon”; Teillard de Chardin

I'm feeling: Deceived
Music: Marylin Manson

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