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Transhumanism = Scientific current trying to improve Man's Intelligence, and Happiness.

Terça-feira, 7 de Abril de 2009

Rui Barbosa, PhD (U. Grenoble, France), Founder of the First Humanity+ Portuguese Chapter,


As it was God who made the laws of Nature, will Man be able to touch them in order to diminish Suffering and his Impotence relatively to Cosmos?
Here are some of the questions asked by Cornelia Holsten, from Germany:
-   A stone dropping down to the bottom might raise two questions: Is it because it just obeys to the gravitation law?
-   Yes, because of that law
-   Or was it primarily God's will to let it drop according to the gravitation law?
-   It is because of an indirect will of God through a law He created … except if it is by an exceptional God’s intervention (miracle)
-   The question behind these questions: Can it be true that the laws of nature explain us the world while these laws lack of explanations themselves?
-   Their explanation resides in the will and intelligence of God
-   Do we have probably not understood what it is if we had not understood how it came into being?
-   The 2 problems are put in 2 different areas: Science and Religion
-   Considering some things real and some statements true - this might be the way how we bring us into relationship with the world to comprehend it. The irrational, the secrets … but why should we believe it is God who is behind it? Is God just the fill-in for the unexplainable?
-   No, and this was, for a time, a wrong argument for the existence of God (He would explain the unexplainable for Science); it is Religion that has to explain God.
-   If God is responsible for the universe there must be an universal God. Most likely there will be no agreement about.
-   God is no doubt universal.
-   Is the term "cultural identity" a vacuum cleaner which absorbs and mixes also genuine elements of religious experience, the effectiveness of faith and teachings, techniques of dissemination like rituals, books and pictures, as well as traditions to a "culture"? (except fundamentalists: they are ill-disposed towards art, but favour the paradox: top level technical standards and petrified religion.). There are two sights: How the individual sees his own cultural identity and the view from outside on peoples and different groups. But it remains the challenge for each individual: Which God and how much God do I need to feel secure and balanced but free enough to transform my skills in order to move something to the (hopefully!) better?
-   God is only one and wants the best for Man in His way; nevertheless, the paths to Him can be multiple; the angel in the Crèche said: “to all men of good will” and not only “to the Jews”.
-   Humanitarian ethos and philanthropic moral are characteristics of the Christian religions. They include not only the care for the relatives but also for the parish, even the outlaws - thus developing from the religious commandment to a cultural requirement with enormous social consequences. It opens space to identify with Christianity. But doesn't our disparate society calls for solidarity, anyway? It is a democratic right and duty...
-   What sense would it have without a being above the Physical World? According to Darwinism, it would have no sense… only a loss of effort which was wasted in our quest for survival, the aim of Humankind according to Darwin…
-   Nevertheless: Couldn't we do without a God? Would we/the world be worse then?
-   Yes, because it would go without direction. The refusal of God by Dawkins on the basis that without Religion the World would be better, met 2 typical counterexamples: Hitler and Stalin where atheists …
-   To conclude: What has it all to do with Transhumanism?
It has to do in the sense that Transhumanism is supposed to change very deeply the Human and Environmental Condition; then, are there limits? Until where should we act? That’s the reason I started my transhumanist proposals by stating clearly the context, as objectively as I could (1) …
We will write in the next chronicle about the reason for the existence of Evil.
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