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Transhumanism = Scientific current trying to improve Man's Intelligence, and Happiness.
Quarta-feira, 25 de Novembro de 2009

Rui Barbosa, PhD (U. Grenoble, France), Founder of the First Humanity+ Portuguese Chapter,


Abstract of the presentation by Rui Barbosa, in Primavera BSS - AfterWorkSession2012-Future of People and Machines (Luis Anjos, Rui Barbosa and a CEO of Primavera BSS). 


Based on an article of “Science et Vie”, (Better Magazine of the Year in France), Number 1103, August 2009, “Science at the Door of the Impossible”, I’m going to analyze with some detail the possibility of controlling from outside the functioning of the brain of humans or other sentient beings.


A scientist (Jose Delgado, Spain) got to stop a rush of a bull through an order sent by radio waves to electrodes implanted in the brain of that bull


Should we become able to make the same with a human being to prevent that it committed a crime? 

Should we change the Law to apply it, not anymore to crimes which had been already committed, but to crimes that were intended to be committed?

The important factors to be considered in that case would be the time mediating between the intention and the act, and the secondary effects that would affect the potential criminal…


Tackling Serial Killers

Public Safety

A human characteristic is the ability to, after having thought about a particular action, the heart (in the theological sense, not biological) decide to perform that action. The American PREDPOL system gathers, during time, information about dangerous persons. Then if we had a system capable of detecting online that one of those dangerous people frequently 


  1. thinks in a certain face,
  2. thinks in a gun,
  3. feels rage and


at a certain moment is going to take a decision, this system should automatically alert the Police [1] [2].

Therefore, it should become possible to prevent crimes by thought detection.


A scientist, Jose Delgado, Spain, managed to stop an attack by a bull, through the emission, by radio waves, of an order to electrodes implanted in the brain...

This should be possible to avoid dangerous humans to commit crimes. It would be implemented using preventive chips instead of electronic bracelets. 


This "Without Words" Cooperation we propose consists in the problem solving and implementation of actions by networks built on the deep connection of the bodies of living creatures and machines (including computers or robots), through the concurrency of processes, by "passing" the reasoning or action one another like the ball in a football game.


In Health, Public Safety and Civil Defense this type of cooperation between living beings and machines would allow a greater symbiosis that would be critical in those areas.


Improvement of Human Psychology

To finish this subject, let’s see more deeply some questions that were put to me:

  • Will transhumanists solve conflicts primarily technically (according to the U.S. military strategy, for instance)? What about Democracy? Negotiations, respect......
  • One of the issues of Transhumanism is to change Human Psychology: we know very well the evil power of Human Psychology (Hitler, Stalin, etc.)
  • The individuality will be manipulated in a way that - at the end -all 'New Men' will act/react the same way, according to what is desirable. Who decides what is desirable? Cyber-gods?
  • You don’t need to be a god to know what is good or bad…; what we propose is (as the other medicines do now) to perfect Psychology, but deeper, larger, in a way to avoid the psychological diseases such as Alzheimer, Multiple Sclerosis, and so (should it be possible, without affecting the healthy functions, to change a pathologic psycho to a healthy one, why shouldn’t we do that?).
  • Sensitivity, emotions and ambitions: will sensitivity, emotions and ambitions be changed after all in favour of a rationally and calculably acting being? And will those beings still act by their own free will? Democratically? Will them be still humans then, or rather artificial beings/objects? (In order to achieve finally physical immortality - another promise of yours for the future - you have to modify and replace almost all finite parts at last anyway.)
  • Everything which is good should be maintained…
  • Good and bad emotions and sensations; who says what is good and bad?
  • The answer was given above. Is anyone pleased with bad emotions? Transhumanism pretends to influence the course of evolution, on the basis of a Human Good Desire that will avoid the problems created with the present evolution. Men will maintain their souls and not their material parts. When we propose a New Man we are not speaking about Matrix… The Soul, thus Freewill, should not be affected even for the attainment of superior material objectives…
  • Any place for religion left?
  • No problem due to the fact that God gives a soul to each man and that this soul is not affected by the physical update. Does Man loose its dignity when it changes its heart or kidneys? The Soul is not any identification with God but a creation of God that makes Man similar to Him and able to communicate with Him; I know it by Faith and Religion. Transhumanism proposes that we keep the good things and throw away the bad ones…
  • Who defines perfection? And hasn't success ever been ambivalent as well?
  • Everyone knows for itself what is perfection means; and Mankind agrees in many points (see the Human Rights and the general common sense about what is good and bad).
  • It is very hard for researchers to define borders for their own research.
  • The path is defined walking.
  • Totality of my chronicles: Humanity+ Portugal.


The external intervention on the Brain of creatures can also have a therapeutic effect in the Parkinson Illness, the obsessive disturbances and the disturbances of mood; done by means of psico probes, magnetic stimulation and psycho active substances. And to improve memory or concentration; however, this development could be scandalous in a World with so many basic lacks for so many people…


Totality of my Chronicles: Transhumanismo Portugal

[1] Dr Shao-Lin da Universidade Nacional de Taiwan, revista Quo. Detection of signs of brain activity

[2] John-Dylan Haynes, Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences

Volume 1224, The Year in Cognitive Neuroscience pages 9–21, April 2011


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